As teachers committed to preparing students for college, the Social Studies Department strives to facilitate students in strengthening their critical thinking skills through a diverse curriculum based on Twenty-First Century Skills.

The goal of the Social Studies is not only to present the long-term effects of historical events, the importance of economic decisions, the development of our government, and the varied perspectives of the country and world, but also to provide students with tools necessary in developing strong and ethical decision-making skills. Through a combination of self-guided projects, class presentations, in-depth reading assignments, and persuasive writing, students in the Social Studies will enhance their ability to develop alternatives, consider varied perspectives, and articulate their findings with supportive evidence.

In compliance with the rigor of the Common Core standards, Social Studies programs have a responsibility to prepare young people to better identify, understand, and work to solve the difficult questions our increasingly diverse and interdependent world faces today. We are committed to challenging each student’s heart and mind in the Holy Cross tradition with the goal of becoming a compassionate individual and a lifelong learner.

  S  O  C  I  A  L      S  T  U  D  I  E  S      F  A  C  U  L  T  Y
Mr. Jason Anderson

Mr. Dan Clem

Mr. Jason Dzik

Mr. Ralph Orsini
Ms. Margaret Reed

Mr. Robert Yanko

Teachers in the Social Studies Department: