Welcome to Hoban!

Thank you for your interest in Hoban. We are pleased that you are considering us for your child’s education. Our mission at Hoban is to foster the values, attitudes and behaviors necessary for students to make a real difference in the world. We do this by combining challenging academics, an exceptional cocurricular and athletic program, a first-class faculty and a warm and caring school community.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website. Be sure to look at the Hoban calendar and the exciting events in store for our school community this year. Something exciting and challenging is always happening at Hoban. To learn more about our school, we invite you to attend an open house, call us at 330.849.2149 or complete the online form for prospective students to receive answers to questions you may have about Hoban.

We look forward to meeting you and your family.


Katy Karg, kargk@hoban.org                    
Director of Admissions
Mrs. Karen Carabin, carabink@hoban.org
Admissions Assistant


Mrs. Katy Karg,
Director of Admissions

Mrs. Karen Carabin
Admissions Assistant



Admission to Hoban

Admission to Hoban is open to applicants who have indicated their ability to follow the course of studies provided by this school and whose conduct has been such as to recommend them. Before acceptance, the school requests academic records, standardized test scores and teacher recommendations from schools of current or previous attendance. If a student seeks to transfer into Hoban from a local high school, the student must submit a letter to the director of admissions explaining the reasons for seeking the transfer. Current transcripts, attendance records and disciplinary records must be presented. The admissions review board will consider the request.

A placement examination required for incoming freshmen is conducted through Scholastic Testing Service. A follow-up conference with the admissions review board may be held after academic records have been reviewed and placement recommendations made.

Transfer students enter with a probationary status. Transfer students from local high schools are generally not admitted into the senior year.

Hoban does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic status in the administration of its policies and programs.

Hoban is a member of ACAD, the Association of Catholic Admission Directors. The association has 19 member schools in the Diocese of Cleveland. These schools have collaborated to produce "Faith Makes the Difference," the 2016-17 Catholic High Schools Directory. To download the document, click HERE