Ghana Immersion 2013

Nine Hoban students and two teachers spent 10 days in Cape Coast, Ghana, June 5-15, 2013. The trip was part of the international immersion program sponsored by Hoban's office of service and outreach.

The group experienced life in Ghana and spent time with the Holy Cross community in the region. Students visited local schools and took part in class with the Ghanaian students, both in teaching and learning about Ghana. They visited the Holy Cross Skill Centre, where money raised from the annual talent show goes, and visited significant social and cultural landmarks important to the history of the country.  

The 2013 trip was Hoban's third immersion in Ghana, the first two being in 2009 and 2011. For a daily program of activities, click HERE.

Participants were Claudia Behrens, Shannon O'Brien, Sierra Radik, Madison Petit, Elizabeth Miller, Gabby O'Neill, Nate Horning, Tim Brennan and Ben Easton. Chaperones were teachers Jason Dzik and Zach Feador.

For Picasa photo albums, click the day. Photos courtesy of Holy Cross Father Bob Gilmour.


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Hoban's mission statement reminds us that we are a Catholic high school in the Holy Cross tradition.  This describes both who we are and what we do.

The Holy Cross tradition is a balanced, integrated, holistic approach to education where knowledge and faith converge.  

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A Holy Cross education fosters the values, attitudes and behaviors necessary for individuals to make a real difference in the world. Students are challenged to live up to the ideals of the Catholic faith through a four-year program of religious studies, as well as sacramental opportunities, retreats and Christian service

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A rigorous curriculum offers courses tailored to a wide range of interests and abilities. A combination of college preparatory, honors, advanced placement and elective courses provides various opportunities for success.  Hoban graduates successfully advance to higher education, often at some of the finest colleges and universities in the country. 

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Following the Holy Cross model of education grounded in values, the Hoban athletic philosophy emphasizes important lifelong lessons that transcend the playing field. Balance is a primary value for Hoban athletics. Students are first scholars, then athletes.

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For almost 60 years, alumni, parents and friends have responded generously to the various fundraising programs at Hoban. Fundraising is especially important because as a private institution Hoban does not receive general public funding or diocesan subsidies. Tuition alone does not cover the cost of operating.

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The student services office is committed to helping students find their place in the Hoban community and to prepare them in heart and mind to live out the Holy Cross mission. We provide a comprehensive guidance program designed to meet the academic, personal, college and career exploration needs of students.