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Fair Trade vendors display wares in library on Fair Trade Day

The Hoban Fair Trade Sale was conducted in the library on Nov. 25, 2014, from 8 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Because Christmas shopping was just around the corner, several Fair Trade vendors from the area were invited to sell their goods and educate the students on their mission. Fair Trade works to provide the producers a wage that allows them to strengthen their community and escape poverty. Religion classes visited the sale during the school day.

Among the vendors were: 

For more information on #FairTuesday, click HERE

The mission of the Peace and Justice Club is to involve the members actively in facilitating peace locally as well as internationally. As a result, members commit themselves to educating the Hoban community on social justice issues through various activities, such as fair trade.
The Peace and Justice Club attempts to build awareness within the Hoban community regarding the relationship between social justice and fair trade. Hoban's Holy Cross tradition involves educating the mind as well as the heart--fair trade envelops both. It celebrates the diversity and justice that Hoban promotes.

Mr. Greg Milo is the faculty adviser of Hoban's club.

Members of the Peace and Justice Club visited the Ohio Fair Trade Expo 2013 at John Carroll University in October, 2013. Students learned about Fair Trade by attending classes on related topics, such as "How to Make Your School Fair Trade."

The Peace and Justice Club attended "Breaking Barriers," sponsored by Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice, at St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland March 8, 2013. Over 500 schools, representing all 21 schools of the diocese, were in attendance. Bishop Richard Lennon celebrated Mass, and Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ, gave the keynote address. Students participated in break-out sessions led by local advocates and experts on homelessness, human trafficking, refugee populations, people with disabilities and sexual violence. 

Representing Hoban were Amanda Deighen, Hallie Poor, Davonta Milbry, Ellen Lauterjung, Jake Tersigni, Christina Gorey, Megan Bennett, Becca Weiss and Mr. Greg Milo
Pictures below are from "Breaking Barriers" at St. Ignatius High School in March, 2013. More pictures on the SIHS Eye.

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Hoban's mission statement reminds us that we are a Catholic high school in the Holy Cross tradition.  This describes both who we are and what we do.

The Holy Cross tradition is a balanced, integrated, holistic approach to education where knowledge and faith converge.  

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A Holy Cross education fosters the values, attitudes and behaviors necessary for individuals to make a real difference in the world. Students are challenged to live up to the ideals of the Catholic faith through a four-year program of religious studies, as well as sacramental opportunities, retreats and Christian service

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A rigorous curriculum offers courses tailored to a wide range of interests and abilities. A combination of college preparatory, honors, advanced placement and elective courses provides various opportunities for success.  Hoban graduates successfully advance to higher education, often at some of the finest colleges and universities in the country. 

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Following the Holy Cross model of education grounded in values, the Hoban athletic philosophy emphasizes important lifelong lessons that transcend the playing field. Balance is a primary value for Hoban athletics. Students are first scholars, then athletes.

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For almost 60 years, alumni, parents and friends have responded generously to the various fundraising programs at Hoban. Fundraising is especially important because as a private institution Hoban does not receive general public funding or diocesan subsidies. Tuition alone does not cover the cost of operating.

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The student services office is committed to helping students find their place in the Hoban community and to prepare them in heart and mind to live out the Holy Cross mission. We provide a comprehensive guidance program designed to meet the academic, personal, college and career exploration needs of students.