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Educating Hearts and Minds in the Holy Cross Tradition

We celebrate our diversity, value each person and welcome one another with the hospitality of Christ.

Admission to Hoban is available to qualified applicants regardless of religion, race, sex or ethnic background.


Madison Kessler ’24
Madison Kessler ’24

Hoban has helped me develop academically and emotionally. I feel prepared for the challenges of college and am confident I will be ready for my next steps. I have always felt at home at Hoban because of the teachers and welcoming environment.

Madison Watson ’25

My academic skill set has improved and grown significantly. I’ve gain a lot of strong friendships that have helped me be a better person for myself.

Parents of Peyton Castonguay ’23

Peyton’s hard work and her Hoban education allowed her to receive the maximum amount of academic scholarship from her college and an additional athletic scholarship. As the only freshman in the honors program, she is doing well and already can appreciate how her Hoban education has set her up for success. 
—Jessica and Deryck Castonguay

Stela Nonno ’24

I would choose to attend Hoban again because I still believe it is the most academically rigorous of all of my other options and because I still love the environment here. Hoban encourages a judgment-free attitude. In addition, the teachers not only care about my education but care about me as a person."

Lauren Tonsing ’23

I am so happy with my decision to attend Hoban. I have developed such a deep love for the school, staff and student body. I want others to experience this and to be part of such an amazing family."

Max Alexander ’22

Hoban has helped me grow immensely as a person and as a student and has pushed me to be better and grow. I have received an education that I know will help me in the future and in college."

Colin Conway ’21
Colin Conway ’21

Graduating from eighth grade and going to high school is a big transition no matter where you go, but Hoban makes that transition very smooth."

Rennick Mellon ’21
Rennick Mellon ’21

Shadow at Hoban! You won't regret it. I have found a sense of family at Hoban that amazes me. As soon as I stepped through the doors at Hoban, I felt at home."

Dr. Anderson, chair of social studies department
Dr. Anderson, social studies teacher

If I can impress upon one kid the importance of who they are, where they come from and how they can keep that alive, I've done my job."

Dr. Shannon Foster ’95
Dr. Shannon Foster ’95

Hoban is a shining light on the hill. It was then as it still is now. The opportunity to walk those halls changed my life and built me into the person I am today. It taught me to serve, and in doing so, taught me how to lead.”

Avery Bable '16
Avery Bable '16

"A great piece of advice that I was given is that it's OK if you don't have everything in your life figured out right now. At Hoban, I learned that if you put time and effort into everything you do, it will pay off. As long as you continue to move in the right direction, you will eventually start to find those answers."