3rd and 4th quarter Academic, Chivalrous Knights announced

Each grading period two students from each grade level are selected by the Academic Review Board to be Academic Knights and Chivalrous Knights. Academic Knights excel in scholarship. They also demonstrate leadership, service to the Hoban family, service to the community, Christian values and good character. Chivalrous Knights exhibit industriousness in the classroom, outstanding effort, involvement in student activities, Christian values, and a polite, positive and helpful attitude toward others.

Third quarter Academic Knights: 

  • Freshmen Sean Listerman and Matthew Schell
  • Sophomores Nicholas Becker and Simon Monsour
  • Juniors Alaina Bachmann and Lily Botos
  • Seniors Hannah Mordarski and Kayla Mullins

Fourth quarter Academic Knights: 

  • Freshmen Olivia Scott and Jude Yovichin
  • Sophomores Rebecca Vober and Maeve Wilson
  • Juniors Madison McNulty and Nicholas Smith
  • Seniors Grace Nagy and Hunter Valenti

Third quarter Chivalrous Knights:

  • Freshmen Zachary Fahey and Alexis Kraft
  • Sophomores Sara Cassady and Shelby Evans
  • Juniors Miles Listerman and Olivia Oziomek
  • Seniors Ryan Ambach and Isabella Bendo

Fourth quarter Chivalrous Knights:

  • Freshmen Shawn Parnell and Joelle Valdez
  • Sophomores Sydney Harrison and Patrick Novak
  • Juniors Alex Zajac and Megan Zaucha
  • Seniors Rachel Reese and Lauren Tecca