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2021 Fall Play

Clue: On Stage

The fall play CLUE: ON STAGE will be presented November 5-7. The show is described as a “murder-mystery comedy thriller” that follows six guests at a mysterious dinner party where they find themselves implicated as murder suspects when their host turns up dead. Wadsworth, the butler, leads Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard, and other guests attempt to find the killer as the body count builds. Following in the footsteps of the film, the project bills itself as a “comedy whodunit.” 

The Hoban Troubadour cast of CLUE features:

  • Colin Doss as Wadsworth
  • Piper Kolasky as Yvette
  • Ava Branz as Miss Scarlet
  • Kelly Brumbaugh as Mrs. Peacock
  • Eden Nichelson as Mrs. White
  • Trever Behrend as Colonel Mustard
  • Elena Plaspolh as Professor Plum
  • Jude Yovichin as Mr. Green
  • Hannah Bulgrin as The Cook
  • Parker Smith as Mr. Boddy
  • Wynter Gibson, Biz Savitski, Madison Watson as the "Extra Game Players"
  • Grace Kostko, Stage Manager
  • Emma Boring, Assistant Stage Manager

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