North Coast League to disband

After much thought, deliberation and discussion, all member schools of the North Coast League (NCL) have agreed to disband the league following the 2019-20 school year. The decision was made with an appreciation of the history and tradition of the league and was based on many factors, among them declining membership numbers.

In the fall of 2019, the NCL had announced that member schools agreed to remove football from the league and treat it as an independent sport beginning in the fall 2020 season. Since that decision was made, more discussions were held to outline the direction and future of the league, resulting in the decision to disband entirely.

Since 1984, the NCL has been an association of Catholic and Christian high schools organized for the purpose of structuring an interscholastic program among members schools. Current members are Archbishop Hoban, Beaumont, Benedictine, Cleveland Central Catholic, Gilmour Academy, Lake Catholic, Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin, Padua Franciscan, St. Joseph Academy, Villa Angela-St. Joseph and Walsh Jesuit.

Over the years, the NCL has experienced expansion with the addition of member schools, though some schools joined as partial members and other members dropped their athletic programs. More recently, the number of member schools has declined.

Any questions can be directed to NCL Executive Secretary:

Chuck Grimm