Perfect ACT scores for Hoban students

Seniors Ayaka Coffman and Michael Bowling, two top-performing students, each earned a perfect score of 36 on the ACT in February. It’s estimated that one out of 500 students earns a perfect ACT score. Remarkably, Coffman took the test again this fall and scored another 36! The first time Coffman took the test as a junior, she opted out of the optional writing section. When applying to colleges, several of her choice colleges required the writing portion.

“I did earn a 36 twice, although I got a 34 in between those two tests, so I actually took it three times total,” Coffman said. “UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC Davis all required the writing section, however, my top choice school is Stanford.”

The two seniors were also named semifinalists in the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Competition, and they were both recognized as Outstanding Students by the Akron Council of Engineering and Scientific Societies (ACESS) in November.