Quarter 2 Academic and Chivalrous Knights announced

Each grading period students are selected as Academic and Chivalrous Knights. 

Academic Knights excel in scholarship. They also demonstrate leadership, service to the Hoban family, service to the community, Christian values and good character. Chivalrous Knights exhibit industriousness in the classroom, outstanding effort, involvement in student activities, Christian values and a polite, positive and helpful attitude toward others. Quarter two is listed below.

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Chivalrous Knights Q2 Academic Knights Q2
Freshmen Samantha Ciavolella and Jackson Weaver-DeAngelis Freshmen Deidre Drensky and Luke Lillich
Sophomores Kailee Hicks and Anel Tlatelpa Ramirez Sophomores Danielle Ferree and Dominic Fortunato
Juniors Daniel Bisesi and Kieran Magleby Juniors Dan'Yai Roberts and Elle Tibesar
Seniors Gabriel Burns and Gabriella Falconer Seniors Aaron White and Taylor Gerring