Quarter 3 and 4 Academic and Chivalrous Knights announced

Each grading period students are selected as Academic and Chivalrous Knights. 

Academic Knights excel in scholarship. They also demonstrate leadership, service to the Hoban family, service to the community, Christian values and good character. Chivalrous Knights exhibit industriousness in the classroom, outstanding effort, involvement in student activities, Christian values and a polite, positive and helpful attitude toward others. Quarters three and four are listed below.

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Q3 Academic Knights
Freshmen Audrey Hodges and Ethan Yukich
Sophomores Sascha Paonessa and Paige Smith
Juniors Sky Richmond and Skylar Schmidt
Seniors Joseph Hardman and Devin Harris

Q3 Chivalrous Knights
Freshmen Isabelle Hemphill and Carter Stricula
Sophomores Thea Miktarian and Ebway Nay
Juniors Samuel Kosko and Kamryn Magaw
Seniors Kumora Brown and Mary Kate Novak

Q4 Academic Knights
Freshmen Brandon Billick and Zachary Fuhrer
Sophomores Gemma Alexander and Sebastian Blaser
Juniors Kevin Elliot and James Morris
Seniors Logan Miavez and Andrew Ramsey

Q4 Chivalrous Knights
Freshmen Gabriella Armbruster and Andrew Simonetti
Sophomores Jenna Devine and Charles Mowery
Juniors Miles Chapman-Gordon and Anna Ribovich
Seniors Jenna Harris and Nature Wilson-X