Quarter 3 and 4 Academic and Chivalrous Knights announced

Each grading period students are selected as Academic and Chivalrous Knights. 

Academic Knights excel in scholarship. They also demonstrate leadership, service to the Hoban family, service to the community, Christian values and good character. Chivalrous Knights exhibit industriousness in the classroom, outstanding effort, involvement in student activities, Christian values and a polite, positive and helpful attitude toward others. Quarters three and four are listed below.

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Chivalrous Knights Q3 Academic Knights Q3
Freshmen Olivia Pfander and Jessica Kresja Freshmen Julia Eckart and Anne Sejba
Sophomores Zion Jackson and Julia Lee  Sophomores William Juvan and Jacob Seabolt
Juniors DeAirres Williams and Abigail Heath  Juniors Alyssa Garfinkle and Carolyn Rinaldi
Seniors Olivia Osmun and Milia Neloms Seniors Bradley Bisesi and Abigail Roman


Chivalrous Knights Q4 Academic Knights Q4
Freshmen Kyle Fenn and Andrew  Rasmussen Freshmen Sarah Cook and Alexander Haran 
Sophomores Gracie Brink and Genevieve Rodriguez Sophomores Bryden Franjesh and A'Niyah Johnson-Conyers 
Juniors Jaleel Medina-Diaz and Joseph Banister Juniors Joshua Greer and Madison Kessler
Seniors Sofia DeCola and Andrew Griffith Seniors Faith Porter and Madelyn Svenson