Second floor hallway dedicated to Holy Cross Brothers

Hoban dedicated the second-floor hallway in honor of Brothers Joe LeBon and Ed Libbers on Saturday, March 19, in recognition of their unyielding faith and service. Over 200 guests were in attendance for the Mass, blessing and dedication. Together, Br. Joe and Br. Ed have served Hoban for nearly 90 years, making them the longest-serving Brothers in Hoban history. We also celebrated Brother James Spooner in his final year at Hoban.

The hallway, which was previously the Brothers residence at Hoban, honors the history and legacy of the Congregation of Holy Cross and also recognizes members of the Academic Hall of Honor.

Hoban is accepting donations towards the Holy Cross Legends Scholarship, in honor of Brother Ed, Brother Joe, Brother James Spooner, and all the Holy Cross Brothers.
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