Hoban's first and most fundamental concern is the safety and well-being of our students, our Holy Cross educators and our families. The Back to the Castle plan was created and will be updated as necessary with our community as our number one priority. Vital components of our plan include flexibility, adaptability and readiness. 

Dec. 17, 2021

Based on an increase in state, local and school positive COVID cases, Hoban students and educators will be required to wear a facial covering next week. Our primary objective in making this decision is to allow students to complete their midterm exams and remain healthy to enjoy time with family during Christmas break.

Additionally, detentions for tomorrow, Saturday, Dec. 18, are canceled. The make-up date for these detentions will be January 22, 2022, and all students needing to serve their Saturday detention will be notified of this change.

The Hoban leadership team continues to track COVID data and will communicate any necessary updates prior to our return to school on January 10. Specific information will also be communicated with students who will be involved in cocurricular and athletic events during Christmas break.




As a reminder to all, the Back to the Castle plan has been formulated based on current knowledge provided by health professionals. Hoban’s administration will continue to reevaluate process and protocol based on evolving conditions and available data, as well as feedback from students, families and educators.