A combination of traditional and innovative courses, talented and knowledgeable Holy Cross educators and eager and high-achieving students has established Hoban as a nationally-acknowledged school of excellence. 

A rigorous curriculum offers courses tailored to a wide range of interests and abilities. A combination of college preparatory, honors, advanced placement, college credit and elective courses provides various opportunities for success. Counselors help students design schedules that meet individual needs. 

Hoban graduates advance to some of the finest colleges and universities in the country. Recent alumni report how well prepared they are for their college coursework and campus life.

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Graduation Requirements
Theology 4.00 Units
Christian Service 1.00 Units
English 4.00 Units
Mathematics 4.00 Units
Science 3.00 Units
Social Studies 3.00 Units
Physical Education 0.50 Units
Health 0.50 Units
Visual or Performing Arts 1.00 Units
Additional Credits 4.00 Units
TOTAL 25.00 Units