Leadership Institute

The overarching purpose of the Hoban Leadership Institute is to provide intentional, inclusive and integrated leadership development opportunities aligned with the charge of our Holy Cross mission:

“For the kingdom to come in this world, disciples must have the competence to see and the courage to act.”

Holy Cross Constitutions

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is comprised of four initiatives:

Integrated Curriculum

Using the nationally recognized program “Habitudes” from Growing Leaders, Inc., trained instructors across disciplines teach content which forms leadership habits and attitudes.

Year 1/Grade 9: The Art of Self-Leadership
Year 2/Grade 10: The Art of Connecting to Others
Year 3/Grade 11: The Art of Leading Others
Year 4/Grade 12: The Art of Changing Culture

Academic Coursework

Elective semester courses for credit include Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Portraits of Leadership, etc. Offerings will depend on student and faculty interests.

Externship Experience

Qualifying students during their junior or senior years will spend an average of one day per month shadowing and interviewing community leaders representing areas of the private, governmental and non-profit sectors.

Three Phases:

  1. Pre-Experience Seminar designed to introduce students to workplace etiquette, research preparation, interviewing skills and questionnaire design with a leadership focus.
  2. Externship Experience designed to introduce students to community leaders in authentic settings to learn about leadership challenges, decision-making and civic responsibility.
  3. Post-Experience Symposium designed to have students publicly present what they have learned, integrating content knowledge and experience.

Supplemental Programs