In today's highly complex, technological world, education in the use of various types of technology prepares Hoban students for a successful future.  

The technology department offers courses to enhance preparation in computer graphics, video production, game design and computer science. It provides students with up-to-date technology in order to be ahead of the game in college and successful thereafter.

Hoban Connected

Hoban Connected is a 1-to-1 iPad initiative. The use of iPads by all students allows teachers and students to align teaching and learning to Ohio Learning Standards and the 21st century norms that will help prepare students for college and careers. The use of technology expands differentiation in instruction and assessment, thereby meeting the needs of students with a variety of learning styles. Technology increases active participation and in-depth understanding of the content being learned. A variety of activities can be completed through the use of the iPad during class, including distribution of a lesson, submission of an assignment, collaboration or research. While the iPad plays an important role in the curriculum, Hoban Connected has a much broader scope than just giving teachers and students an iPad to use during the school day.

Students need to be well-rounded in their use of technology in an educational setting. Hoban is a Google Apps for Education school and used the Google suite for years before the iPad program was initiated. The school offers Mac and PC labs so students can learn a variety of technology skills, whether using Photoshop for a digital imaging project in the Mac lab or using Google Sheets for a stock market project in the PC lab. By experiencing variety in technology, students will have a richer educational experience.

Hoban Connected will continue to expand as the school looks at new technologies and how these technologies can impact the high school educational experience. Hoban teachers continue to seek out professional development opportunities that will enable them to integrate technology into lessons and assessments. These include the in-depth content knowledge and skills that 21st century learners need to be competitive in the global community.

Canvas: A Learning Management System

Hoban uses Canvas by Instructure as its Learning Management System (LMS). The use of an LMS prepares students to be successful in college. By using an LMS now, Hoban students will have an advantage over those who do not. Our students will be the ones who help their college roommates figure out how to use an LMS. This is one less source of stress for a student during the first year at college.

Policies and Additional Information

All students must register their devices with the school. Only registered devices and users will be allowed. Students may not use a personal iPad or any other device than that which has been provided for them.

Note: Installing software that makes unauthorized modification of the iOS, sometimes referred to as “jailbreaking," is not allowed. Jailbreaking an iPad causes device and application instability, unreliable voice and data, disruption of services, compromised security, a shortened battery life and an inability to apply future software updates. Visit for more information.

  • Hoban has provided the apps needed for classes. 
  • Hoban is working with textbook publishers to find appropriate digital books or online digital content. We expect the transition to digital textbooks to be gradual.
  • Hoban uses the same state funds available for textbooks and other materials to purchase iPads and apps. Other materials and services must be provided from the same state funds. A phased-in implementation has allowed Hoban to purchase the devices without overburdening families financially.  
  • To download Hoban's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), click HERE.
  • To download the Parent/Student Agreement form, click HERE.
  • For questions related to iPads , contact Tom Hottinger, Hoban's technology integration specialist, at or call him at 330.773.6658, ext. 259.

Technology Staff

Christine Hahn

Christine Hahn

Titles: Coordinator of Enrollment and Financial Assistance, Latin Teacher
Thomas Hottinger

Thomas Hottinger

Titles: Technology Integration Specialist
Brady Paul

Brady Paul

Titles: Desktop Support