Hoban's course offerings include college preparatory courses, an honors program, courses which can earn college credit along with high school credit and a broad selection of elective courses.

There is no one program of studies that is suitable for all students. The variety of classes offered at Hoban permits wide latitude for the pursuit of individual interests and goals. Successful completion of the core requirements will ensure that the student is well prepared for Christian leadership, effective citizenship and further education.

This is what you can and should do for your students if you really are zealous for their salvation. Hurry then; take up this work of resurrection, never forgetting that the special end of your institute is, before all, to sanctify youth. It is by this that you will contribute to preparing the world for better times than ours; for these students who now attend your school are the parents of the future, the parents of future generations, each one of whom bears within them a family.

An instruction to the Brothers of Holy Cross by blessed Basil Moreau in Christian Education


Students in English class

Fine Arts

Female student drawing with colored pencils in art class

Health and Physical Education


Students working in math class


Two female students in science lab

Social Studies

Social Studies teacher dressed in Revolutionary War uniform in class


Students praying in the chapel

World Languages

Three female students with Spanish teacher in Honduras

Alternative Courses

Alternative Courses

Academic Centers

Academic Centers