The Fine Arts department offers a wide range of electives spanning the areas of visual and performing arts.

Throughout the years, the department has grown and developed a program of courses which follow curricula meeting the needs and National Standards for Education in the arts.

CREATE Studios

Hoban has redesigned and renovated fourth floor space into a 7,400 square-foot visual arts center called CREATE Studios. This space will provide the needed resources for professional, curriculum and programmatic growth.

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For students who enter art without a real background or interest,
visual and performing art courses can be a hopeful experience
for them to realize that they can develop new skills and abilities.

Micah Kraus, Art teacher

Male student drawing self portrait
Art teacher helping student
Student mixing paints
Female student in beginning art
Students in front of the Holocaust Museum
Award Winning Text %22Head in the Clouds%22
Award Winning Text %22Plastic Paradise%22
Award Winning Text %22It Starts with Words%22
Students visit an artist's studio

Fine Arts Department Faculty

Zachary Feador


Kim Eggleston-Kraus


Jill Fortman


Elaina Karafilis


Chad Kendall


Ronald Martin