Performing Arts

For students with musical interest and theater talent, the performing arts program is designed to increase individual ability. The performing arts program enlivens the cultural life of the Hoban community.

One credit of Visual or Performing Arts is required for graduation.

Music Program

The music courses may satisfy the requirement at many universities for a unit in visual and performing arts. All students with musical and acting ability are encouraged to use it by participating in the choral, steel drum band and/or theater programs. Some cocurricular time commitment is necessary for membership in both organizations, but the benefits are extensive.

Participants in performing ensembles perform at the Winter and Spring Fine Arts Festivals and in the annual Ohio Solo and Ensemble Contest held in late January or early February.

Theater Program

Participation in theater allows students to gain knowledge about the theater through hands-on learning. Whether you choose to perform on stage or work behind the scenes, you will learn about theater, grow as an individual and enjoy the close-knit family of the theater program.

2022 Spring Musical

Once upon a time there was a lovely princess. But she had an enchantment upon her which could only be broken by a true love's first kiss. She was locked away in a tower guarded by a terrible fire-breathing dragon. She waited for her true love and true love's first kiss... Like that's ever going to happen -BUT WAIT, IT WILL this spring in Hoban's Shrek the Musical, featuring seniors Colton Burkhart as Shrek, Adam Slawieski as Lord Farquaad, and Julia Martin as Dragon, along with freshman Molly Maltempi as Fiona and junior Lukas Cinko as Donkey with a thirty-two member cast.

Cast and Crew

  • Colton Burkhart as Shrek
  • Molly Maltempi as Fiona 
  • Lukas Cinko as Donkey
  • Julia Martin as Dragon & Sugar Plum
  • Adam Slawienski as Lord Farquaad
  • Parker Smith as Thelonius & Mad Hatter
  • Luke Mowery as Guard, Greeter, & Bishop
  • Will Schwing as Captain & Pig with Bricks
  • Matthew Sandor as the Pig with Straw
  • Sean Listerman as the Pig with Sticks
  • John Lopez as Papa Bear
  • Madison Watson as Mama Bear
  • Amelia Kay Plaspohl as Baby Bear
  • Jude Yovichin as Papa Ogre
  • Ava Branz as Mama Ogre & Humpty Dumpty 
  • Colin Doss as Grumpy, Jack Be Nimble, & Little Ogre
  • Trever Behrend as King & Big Bad Wolf
  • Kelly Brumbaugh as Queen & Tinker Bell
  • Cortazhia Walker as Young Fiona & Blue Bird
  • Eden Nichelson as Teen Fiona, Gingy, Goldilocks
  • Elizabeth 'Biz' Savitski as Pinocchio
  • Elena Plaspohl as the Ugly Duckling
  • Fiona Marlborough* as Lil Bo Peep
  • Grace Kostko as the Wicked Witch & Pied Piper
  • Kate Cihlar as the Fairy Godmother
  • Natalie Morton as Tweedledee
  • Abby Chirdon as Tweedledum
  • Piper Kolasky as Peter Pan
  • Regan Molder as Little Red Riding Hood
  • Wynter Gibson as the Shoe Maker Elf
  • Zoey Turner as Tooth Fairy 

The Swamp Crew

Logan Adams, Jonah Braz, Rachel Brewer, Hannah Bulgrin, Kennedi Davis, Grace Gallagher, Zoie Gilliam, Sammi Hessel, Jocelyn McAninch, Gracie McCaun, Madeline Mlachak, Reese Nichelson, Olivia Osmun, LeighAnna Robinson, Lydia Scherer, Kate Schimmoeller, Joelle Valdez, Ryan Yovichin and Rylee Zaucha

  • Emma Boring, Stage Manager
  • Fiona Marlborough and Regan Molder, Assistant Stage Managers
  • Mrs. Erin Bennett, Director 
  • Mrs. Annie Alberts, Music Director

2021 Fall Play

clue: on stage

The fall play CLUE: ON STAGE was presented Nov, 6-7. The show is described as a “murder-mystery comedy thriller” that follows six guests at a mysterious dinner party where they find themselves implicated as murder suspects when their host turns up dead. Wadsworth, the butler, leads Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard, and other guests attempt to find the killer as the body count builds. Following in the footsteps of the film, the project bills itself as a “comedy whodunit.” 

The Hoban Troubadour cast of CLUE featured:

  • Colin Doss as Wadsworth
  • Piper Kolasky as Yvette
  • Ava Branz as Miss Scarlet
  • Kelly Brumbaugh as Mrs. Peacock
  • Eden Nichelson as Mrs. White
  • Trever Behrend as Colonel Mustard
  • Elena Plaspohl as Professor Plum
  • Jude Yovichin as Mr. Green
  • Hannah Bulgrin as The Cook
  • Parker Smith as Mr. Boddy
  • Wynter Gibson, Biz Savitski, Madison Watson as the "Extra Game Players"
  • Grace Kostko, Stage Manager
  • Emma Boring, Assistant Stage Manager

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Performing Arts Faculty

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