Health and Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education department is an integral part of Hoban's educational program and philosophical framework.

Realizing that education considers the total development of the individual -- mind, body and heart -- the goal of the department is to provide students with experiences necessary to develop those understandings, values and skills that contribute to their overall health and wellness.

The quality of an individual’s life is dependent on the ability to make choices that are beneficial to oneself and others. It is essential for students to learn to make healthy choices in the areas of personal health and physical well being. 

Both Hoban and the State of Ohio require ½ unit of health and ½ unit of physical education for graduation. Students complete the Health requirement and ¼ unit of the Physical Education requirement in the ninth grade. We suggest that the remaining ¼ unit of Physical Education requirement be completed in the 10th Grade unless course load dictates its postponement.

If a student has a physical disability, departmental guidelines are followed regarding fulfillment of the State Physical Education requirement.

Health and Physical Education Courses

Grade 9: one semester of health and one semester of physical education
Grade 10, 11, or 12: one semester of physical education

Health Education

The health course highlights the importance and awareness of maintaining and developing good health. The course gives a broad overview of current health issues through the use of lectures, discussion, the Learning Resource Center and current audiovisuals. Topics include tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse, chemical dependency, fitness, conflict management, mental health, preventive medicine, human ecology, consumer health, first aid, accident prevention, human sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and nutrition. The class will help students make informed decisions concerning their physical, emotional, mental and social health.

Once Semester Credit: 1/2 Unit Course No: 070101

Physical Education I and II

The Physical Education course is required for 9th graders. It serves as an introduction to individual and team sports and activities, and principles of physical fitness. The class focus is on the acquisition of performance skills, knowledge of rules and fitness activities and measurements. Instruction emphasizes the value of a physically active lifestyle while increasing individual skills. Students must take a second P.E. course during Grade 10, 11 or 12 or in summer school before or after the freshman year.

PE I Once Semester (Grade 9) Credit: 1/4 Unit Course No: 070102
PE II One Semester (Grades 10 - 12 Credit 1/4 Unit Course No: 070201

Lifetime Fitness and Wellness

This health-related course provides students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge of the basic principles of exercise science and how they can be applied to positively impact daily lives, both now and in the future. Emphasis is on the development of physical autonomy, understanding the relationship between fitness components, stress management, major disease prevention and the practical skills involved in promoting health, wellness and physical fitness.

Activities in this class will include:  Focused Flexibility Training: to develop increased mobility; Integral Strength through body weight strength training cycles; The Vitamin Program to develop motor control and movement efficiency; Yoga; Pilates; advanced core training; the proper use of cardiovascular training equipment; fitness evaluations; and the development of exercise prescriptions.

Once Semester (Grades 10 - 12) Credit: 1/2 Unit Course No: 070905

Lifetime Sports

The Lifetime Sports class is designed to introduce students to a variety of sports and recreational activities in which they can actively participate throughout their lives. Performance skill development, knowledge of rules, appropriate sportsmanship and identifying community resources will be the framework approach to each of the activities in the class. Students will also learn to identify and develop the health and quality of life benefits of a physically active lifestyle. Class activities include racket sports (tennis, badminton, speedminton, and pickleball), golf, distance running, yoga and Pilates, strength training, Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, soccer and climbing.

Once Semester (Grades 10-12) Credit: 1/2 Unit Course No: 070906

Health and Physical Education Faculty

Mitch Wagner

Mitch Wagner

Carter Welo

Carter Welo