Student Wellness

Through the process of helping our students to completeness, Hoban has designed a Student Wellness Initiative, similar to programs initiated at our neighboring Catholic schools, including Walsh Jesuit, St. Edward, Gilmour Academy and St. Ignatius. 

As Catholic educators, we educate the entire person by fostering the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual wellness. In doing so, we maintain and strengthen a positive and safe learning environment for all. 

The Student Wellness Program includes: 

  • Education: Programs, activities and online information designed to educate students about the different components of wellness, including positive body image, stress management, healthy relationships and mental/emotional health
  • Testing: Drug and alcohol awareness and prevention policy, including mandatory random testing
  • Support: Counseling for any student who is in need

Extensive research has found that ongoing education is the most critical component of any wellness program to support high school students during a critical developmental stage and prevent students from using drugs and alcohol.

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