Maynard Family Center for Spiritual Formation

The goal of the theology curriculum is nothing other than the salvation of souls. Rooted in the diocesan framework and motivated by Holy Cross core values, the department strives to create circumstances in which students may be immersed in the narrative of salvation and be disposed to make a response in their hearts to the living God.

Students kneeling in Holy Cross Chapel

Each class is Christo-centric and thus has an inner Christ logic in which students are exposed to the paschal drama of dying and rising and are called to adopt it in their own lives. A seven-semester sequence provides a unique opportunity to invite students into a complete Christian formation. It begins with the surprise and mystery of the gift of revelation and ends in the glory of new and everlasting life.

Beginning with the first semester freshman class about spirituality and the charism of the Congregation of Holy Cross, activities of the department include Christian service hours, prayer services, spiritual engagement, pastoral counseling, class retreats and Spes Unica retreats. Dedicated members of the theology department are able to cultivate on a daily basis genuine connections with students in the classroom and beyond. 

We believe that our students will one day “shine like the stars of heaven” side by side with their teachers (Daniel 12:3
as quoted by Blessed Basil Moreau in Christian Education)

Theology Courses

Theology Department Faculty

Mary Bulgrin

Class of 1983

Christopher Fahey


Henry Kappel


Amie Mancine


Philip Patrick


Ben Rossi


Kelsey Sees

Class of 2007

Jared Topp