Departmental Awards

American Mathematics Competition

Students who perform exceptionally well on the American Math Competition 10-12 are invited to continue in a series of exams that culminate in the International Mathematical Olympiad, the most prestigious and difficult secondary math exam in the world. The contests are sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America.

Holocaust Art Contest

The mission of the contest is to remember the millions of innocent victims who lost their lives and the thousands of others who aided the survivors. Education and an annual writing and arts contest enlightens today's youth and helps ensure that history will never repeat itself.

National French Contest

Nine Hoban students received recognition for their performance on Le Grand Concours, the National French Contest of the American Association of Teachers of French.

Students in all 50 states and abroad take a written test and compete against students with similar educational background for prizes. Students enter via their French teacher. All students are eligible -- home school parents or private tutors can request information on participation from the nearest Chapter Administrator. 

Image result for national french contest2019 Results:

Lauréat National (75th-80th percentile)

  • Abigail Joyner

Mention d'honneur (50th-70th percentile)

  • Grace Kotsko
  • Peyton Tarle
  • Emma Advent
  • Bailey Broyles
  • Grace Gallagher
  • Clara Krohn
  • Jonathan Ruthenburg
  • Allison Swiatkowski

National Latin Exam

The National Latin Exam, sponsored by the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League, is a 40-question, multiple-choice test with a time limit of 45 minutes, offered to students on seven levels. There are questions on grammar, comprehension, mythology, derivatives, literature, Roman life, history, geography, oral Latin and Latin in use in the modern world. 

The philosophy of the National Latin Exam is predicated on providing every Latin student the opportunity to experience a sense of personal accomplishment and success in the study of the Latin language and culture. In the National Latin Exam, students are not competing with their peers on a comparative basis but are evaluated solely on their own performance on the exam. The basic purposes of the NLE are to promote the study of Latin and to encourage the individual student.

The National Association of Secondary School Principals has voted to place the National Latin Exam on the Advisory List of National Contests and Activities. 

2 01 9   A W A R D S

Of the 44 Hoban students took the 2019 National Latin Exam; 24 earned awards. This year over 139,000 students from all 50 states and the District of Columbia and 20 foreign countries took the exam.

Latin I awards

  • Image result for National Latin ExamSawyer Huckabee, Gold Summa Cum Laude
  • Andrew Hardman, Magna Cum Laude
  • Sean Listerman, Magna Cum Laude
  • Jude Yovichin, Magna Cum Laude
  • Benjamin Dragmen, Cum Laude

Latin II awards

  • Simon Monsour, Gold Summa Cum Laude
  • Jonathan Popa, Gold Summa Cum Laude
  • Alexander Wong, Gold Summa Cum Laude
  • Thomas Crowe, Silver Maxima Cum Laude
  • Audrey Fleming, Silver Maxima Cum Laude
  • Sophia Grdina, Silver Maxima Cum Laude
  • Li Consbruck, Magna Cum Laude
  • Amaya Roberts, Magna Cum Laude
  • Joshua Fenn, Cum Laude
  • Hannah McManus, Cum Laude
  • Grace Wyszynski, Cum Laude

Latin III awards

  • Veronica McDowell, Gold Summa Cum Laude
  • Robert Bordenkircher, Cum Laude
  • Latin IV Prose awards
  • Owen Kovalik, Gold Summa Coum Laude
  • Claire Olds, Silver Maxima Cum Laude
  • Sarah Caley, Magna Cum Laude
  • Jacob Givens, Magna Cum Laude
  • Brianna McCarron, Cum Laude

Latin V award

  • Isabelle Hahn, Gold Summa Cum Laude

National Spanish Exams

Each year students of all levels of Spanish take the National Spanish Exams. Scores are converted into percentiles. Each percentile indicates the percent of scores in the same sampling that are equal to or below it. A percentile of 50 represents the national average.

  • Premio de Oro: Students scoring at or above the 95th percentile
  • Premio de Plata: Students scoring from the 85th to the 94th percentile
  • Premio de Bronce: Students scoring from the 75th to the 84th percentile
  • Mención Honorífica:  Students scoring from the 50th to the 74th percentile

Results for the 2018 National Spanish Exams:

Image result for national spanish examPLATA (Silver Medal):

  • Ayaka Coffman (Spanish IV, sophomore)
  • Tanner Guld (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Michael Jorgenson (Spanish IV, junior)
  • Jacob Juvan (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Rebecca Kubick (Spanish II, sophomore)

BRONCE (Bronze Medal):

  • Alaina Bachmann (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Luke Bauer (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Joshua Bisesi (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Slade Brooks (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Ryan Davis (Spanish IV, senior)
  • Alexandra Dillon (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Allison Donatelli (Spanish III, junior)
  • Jacob Dudek (Spanish III, junior)
  • Jacob Fahey (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Hannah Finley (Spanish IV, senior)
  • Nora Kennedy (Spanish III, junior)
  • Kory Kreiner (Spanish III, junior)
  • Abigail McAllister (Spanish IV, senior)
  • Joseph Osmun (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Andrew Rinaldi (Spanish IV, junior)
  • Sadie Salamone (Spanish III, junior)
  • Trent Suckling (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Merideth Vieson (Spanish IV, junior)
  • Kara Zaucha (Spanish I, freshman)

HONOR (Honorable Mention):

  • Alexandra Adaway (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Lauren Armour (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Thomas Bee (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Aaron Bielecki (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Sebastian Boring (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Lily Botos (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Kylie Dolezal (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Francis Durkin (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Clare Esposito (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Samuel Fess (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Breanna Frock (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Adam Geary (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Nicholas Griffith (Spanish III, junior)
  • Victoria Hornacek (Spanish III, junior)
  • Carly Horning (Spanish III, junior)
  • Megan Hutson (Spanish III, junior)
  • Charlotte Kane (Spanish III, junior)
  • Reagan Keenan (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Cathryn Knapp (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Abbigail Kurtz (Spanish III, junior)
  • Samuel Lefebvre (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Alaina Merlitti (Spanish III, junior)
  • Camden Mizer (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Luke Monteleone (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Nathan Nagucki (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Anna Niedermier (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Kennedy Panuska (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Rena Petrucelli (Spanish III, junior)
  • Maddie Powell (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Brady Rowan (Spanish III, junior)
  • Maggie Rumler (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Riley Scofield (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Jessica Sheldon (Spanish III, junior)
  • Dylan Snyder (Spanish I, freshman)
  • James Tassiello (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Rosa Tate (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Evelyn Thoman (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Sophia Tylicki (Spanish I, freshman)
  • Chloe Weidrick (Spanish V, senior)
  • Gabrielle Williams (Spanish II, sophomore)
  • Leah Yankovich (Spanish III, sophomore)

Ohio Music Education Association Awards

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Twenty-nine Hoban students received a total of 43 awards in the 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Contest. Hoban visual art teachers submitted 160 student works to the competition. The Scholastic is a highly respected regional and national art contest for students in grades 6-12. Thousands of entries are submitted each year, and typically less than 25 percent receive awards. A total of 473 Silver and Gold Keys were given of the 4,319 total submissions to the Northeast Central Ohio competition. Hoban was awarded six Silver and Gold Keys.

The Hoban entries ranged from Beginning Art students to AP Studio Art students. Drawings, paintings, prints, photographs, digital illustrations and video games were submitted. Many of these students will have their award-winning art on display at the Stark campus of Kent State University from Jan. 17 to Feb. 1, 2017. Silver and Gold Key recipients are invited to attend an awards ceremony on Jan. 28.