Student Services

As a Holy Cross school, Hoban nurtures the hearts and educates the minds of students.

High school is full of challenges, and the student services office supports students every step of the way. At the start of freshman year, each student is assigned a school counselor. School counselors work with students and parents to assist with career planning, plan academic tracks, provide emotional support, offer study-skills training and other academic guidance.

The student services staff consists of five experienced counselors and a school psychologist. Hoban offers a range of opportunities for students, including the faculty-guided student achievement seminar and professional tutoring.

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How to find a counselor

The student services office is located on the first floor of the building, between the Foley Commons and the advancement office. Counselors are available for scheduled appointments Monday through Friday during the school day. Parents may also schedule an appointment with a school counselor. If a student is in crisis and a counselor is not available, the student should go to the health clinic or the dean of students.

Mental Health Counselor Information

We have a new service available at Archbishop Hoban that offers a professional mental health counselor to students. A clinical counselor from Red Oak Behavioral Health is available to meet with students during regular school day times.

The counseling services that they provides are not in place of those available from your school counselor. These services are intended to provide an easier way for students to access mental health counseling for on-going issues and concerns. 

Referrals for mental health counseling will be requested through your student’s Hoban school counselor. If you have questions or would like to inquire about setting up these services for your student, please contact your student’s school counselor for more details.

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Other functions of the student services office include:

  • Facilitates the STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT SEMINAR, which provides support for select freshmen as they adjust to the demands of high school
  • Offers personal COUNSELING SERVICES
  • Facilitates Wellness Wednesday program