Academic Success Center


The Academic Success Center provides services to all students of Hoban through academic tutoring opportunities and guided study halls. The Center's educators also work as advocates for students who need accommodations and/or intervention services. 

Hoban's Academic Success Center works hand-in-hand with teh faculty and administration to make sure all students hav eequal access to the curriculum regardless of any accommodations needed. 


Hoban accepts students who receive the Jon Peterson Scholarship. This Ohio Department of Education scholarship is available to children who are eligible to attend kindergarten through 12th grade and have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship allows parents the choice to send their child to private school while getting the special education services that the child needs.

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Monica Rodriquez

Titles: Intervention Specialist, Academic Success Center Chair

Jennet Congeni

Class of 2017
Titles: Intervention Specialist

Nicolas Gonzalez

Titles: Intervention Specialist

Wesley Wenning

Titles: Intervention Specialist


Tutoring, offered through the student services office and Academic Success Center, supports students in a variety of subjects. The trained tutors can help students master the concepts of demanding courses and learn how to study the materials. See the information below to make an appointment.

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Catherine Bakes

Titles: Tutor

Jill Madonia

Titles: Tutor

Angela Mowery

Titles: Tutor

Nancy Rose

Titles: Tutor

Deb Sturm

Titles: Tutor
Name Area M T W TH F
Ms. Jill Madonia Math X X      
Ms. Debbie Sturm Math     X X  
Dr. Nancy Rose Science X   X X  
Ms. Angela Mowery Math X X X X X (12-3pm)
Ms. Cathy Bakes Math         X (8-Noon)