College Counseling

The return on investment of a Hoban education really comes into play in the college guidance services. 

The attention that Hoban offers students during the college preparation process begins in sophomore year and does not stop until students are committed to a college or have a future plan with which they are comfortable. With two college counselors on staff dedicated to helping students and families successfully navigate the college search process, each student is prepared for their next chapter when they receive their diploma. Our biggest piece of advice for students and their families is to be active throughout the process. 

Each year, dozens of colleges and universities visit Hoban's campus to meet with students. Students can start their exploration as early as freshman year. 

Overall, we have revamped our structure to provide more college planning services at Hoban. Our first priority in the student services office is meeting the needs of students and parents.

Kevin Hillery, Retired Associate Principal for Student Services 2019


College Counseling

This guide will help you prepare for the college admission process.

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