While standardized test scores should be taken seriously, they are not to be over-stressed. A good score will help your chances of acceptance to any school you choose, and it could qualify you for additional college scholarships and financial assistance. But, if you are not a good test-taker, do not stress - it is just one factor that colleges look at when making enrollment decisions. Stay calm and use the below resources to prepare. 

ACT and SAT Exam Prep Courses

2023-24 ACT and SAT

Hoban Testing Day

Hoban will be holding a testing day  in February. No regular classes will be held in person on this day. Student attendance on this day depends on the grade level your child is in. Please see the section below that pertains to your  grade and activities for the day. For students who are asked to attend, the beginning of testing will coincide with the normal start of the school day. Testing room locations will be sent in an email to your student prior to testing.

  • Seniors do not attend school on this day. We encourage seniors to take advantage of this day off to schedule a college visit, shadow in a career of interest or work on their college/scholarship applications.

  • All juniors should be in attendance for the ACT administration. This ACT is paid for by the state and can be used for college admissions. 

  • All sophomores are required to attend this day. Students who need to retake portions of the IOWA test will complete this since it is a pathway to graduation under Ohio law. You will receive a separate communication if this applies to your child. All other sophomores will be taking the PreACT. 
  • Freshmen are required to attend this day.  We will be administering the IOWA test which is required for graduation purposes. 

Testing will conclude around noon for most students taking the ACT or PreACT. If your child tests with accommodations, their testing will take longer. In addition, since students taking the IOWAs may only need to take certain portions, their finish time will vary.

If you have any questions, contact

Notes on the SAT

SAT registration and a $49 fee are due about four weeks prior to the test. The late registration fee is an additional $27.

Learn more about the SAT and register online to take the SAT. Use Hoban’s code (360-020) when registering. Hoban will not receive your scores if you do not list the school code.

Send your SAT scores to a college.

Notes on the ACT

Learn more about the ACT and to register online to take the ACT. Use Hoban’s code (360-020) when registering. Hoban will not receive your scores if you do not list the school code.

Send your ACT scores to a college.

Ohio Colleges that require the SAT/ACT scores be received from the testing agency:

  • Miami University
  • Ohio State University
  • Tiffin University
  • Urbana University
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Toledo