Start the admissions process for students who wish to transfer to Hoban.

The process of admission is slightly different for transfer students. Students who wish to transfer to Hoban should complete an online application for admission. After an initial review of an applicant's academic, attendance and disciplinary records, qualified students will be interviewed along with their parents or guardians. Following the interview, students may be offered admission to Hoban. 
Please note: Transfer students are generally not admitted into the senior year except in special circumstances such as an out of state relocation. 

Complete the three-step process to apply to Hoban:

1. Complete the Hoban Inquiry Form (This is not an admission application)

  • Once your inquiry form has been processed, an account with our Hoban Admission Portal will be created for you. The Hoban Admissions Office will email login information to parents/guardians. (Please check spam and/or junk folders if you do not see this email in your inbox)
  • Within your Hoban Admission Portal, you will see a checklist of items you and your parents/guardians will need to complete. 


2. Complete the Hoban Application

  • Log into your Hoban Admission Portal *Please note: you must have completed an inquiry form in order to have a Hoban Admission Portal. Please see Step 1 if you have not completed an inquiry form.
    • If you have issues logging into your Hoban Admission Portal, please email the Admissions Office
  • Complete the Hoban Admission Application by December 1.

3. Complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Application (Application will be available late September/ mid-October)

  • Families who are interested in being considered for endowed scholarships and/or financial assistance must complete the FACTS application by December 1, 2023, using their 2022 tax information. 
  • Applications received after the December 1, 2023 deadline may be considered if additional funds become available.

Login to FACTS


The spring transfer application will be available on Sept. 15. 


The transfer application for Fall 2022 is now closed. 

Spring transfer applications are due by Dec. 1. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.

The Fall transfer application will be available on Jan. 9.

FACTS Financial Aid applications are due by Dec. 1.