The One Hope-One Dream award was created in 2003 and recognizes Hoban graduates whose values, attitudes and behaviors exemplify living out a dream that brings hope to others. After several years, Hoban is reinstating the One Hope-One Dream alumni award tradition. The award recalls the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech and incorporates the Holy Cross motto, “Spes Unica,” which means “The Cross, Our Only Hope.” Translated, Spes Unica means “one hope.” 

Recipients must meet three criteria: 

  1. Hoban graduates whose work or activities bring hope to others.
  2. Persons whose work or activities help bring Jesus’ teachings to life in our world. 
  3. Persons who, through their ministry, model the ideals of justice, love and peace taught by Jesus and modeled by Dr. King.

The One Hope–One Dream award will be presented at an all-school assembly during the week of Feb. 1, 2021, which is Hoban's Holy Cross Celebration and Catholic Schools Week. Nominations are due Monday, Nov. 30.


2014 Marquita Mitchell ’95

Rev. John Hengle ’59
Rev. John Kumse ’71
Rev. Joseph Labak ’69
Rev. Michael McCandless ’98
Rev. Thomas McCann ’59
Rev. David Misbrener ’84
Rev. Jared Orndorff ’97
Rev. Matthew Pfeiffer ’97
Rev. Philip Racco ’69
Rev. James Semonin ’62
Rev. Kevin Shemuga ’75
Rev. Kenneth Styles, S.J. ’62

2012 LaMonica (DuBose ’87) Davis
2011 Dan Cevasco, M.D. ’70
Steven "Skip" Radwany, M.D. ’72
2010 Michael Burtscher ’70
2009 Rick Owens ’74
2008 Nathan Crabbe ’94
2007 Daniel Lancianese ’80
2006 Harry "Butch" Reynolds ’83
2005 Mark Duhon ’83
2004 Thomas Allio ’70
2003 William Considine ’65