Boosters Club

The Boosters Club is an organization of parents of past and present students and friends of Hoban who wish to support the activities of Hoban students. Funding is through the Lucky Number Club, a ticket purchasing program. Participant numbers are drawn weekly.

The Boosters Club will help make a difference for all Hoban students by supporting a well-rounded high school experience. We welcome your input and suggestions. Please join us.

Boosters Club President: Chris Zurowski
Boosters Club Vice President: Jeff Sheeks '75
Boosters Club Vice-President Mary McIntyre ’77
Lucky Number Club Coordinator Heather (Vaughan) Langenek '88
Hoban contact: Matt Bing,

The next Boosters club meeting will be held in the Holy Cross Room on Monday, Oct. 28, at 6 p.m.

 Lucky Number Club

The Hoban Boosters “Lucky Number Club” is a great way to support student and athletic programs at Hoban. For $60 a year, you “own” a lucky number that is part of 52 weekly drawings of $100 AND special prize drawings throughout the year, including a $1,000 Grand Prize and a $500 Early Bird drawing. 

Purchase a Lucky Number online 


  • Members enroll in the Lucky Number Club for the 12-month period beginning July 1 and ending June 30. 
  • Members must be paid in full at the time of each drawing. All members paid in full by Oct. 21 are eligible for July, Aug. and Sept. drawings.
  • Any number not paid in full by Oct. 28 drawing date will be made available to a prospective member from the club's waiting list.
  • One number is drawn for each week of the year, for a total of 52 weekly drawings. In the event that a number is drawn and it has not been paid in full, another number will be drawn. The same rule applies to any subsequent numbers drawn.
  • It is the responsibility of each member to pay his or her dues to be eligible for drawings.

Lucky Number Club is now being managed by Heather Langenek '88.