You've made it to your final semester at Hoban. This year has been anything but typical – for our educators, families and, most especially, for you. While it hasn't been a typical year, you have led the school in so many successes. Your time, accomplishments and contributions at Hoban will be celebrated!

We are optimistic about the following plans to celebrate end-of-year events. Still, we have learned that we must always remind ourselves that all plans require back up plans. Any changes will be communicated. Keep up the great work and finish the year strong!

LAST UPDATED: 5-18-2021


Tuesday, May 18

On the seniors' last day of school, combined with a series of long-standing traditions, the day begins with the Alumni Breakfast to welcome the graduates as the newest members of the Alumni Association. Following breakfast, seniors gather to watch the senior video, with a recount of their four years as Hoban students. The morning concludes with the celebration of the Senior Mass. In the afternoon, they paint the concrete HOBAN letters on the hillside.




Each year a day is designated for seniors to wear T-shirts or sweatshirts bearing the insignia of the colleges and universities they have chosen to attend the following fall. The day has become a springtime tradition, with a class picture being taken.

Academic Excellence Awards

Hoban proudly recognizes the following seniors who have been awarded the President's Award of Educational Excellence, President's Award of Educational Achievement and Hoban's Honor for Academic Excellence.
President's Award of Educational Excellence: Students must achieve the 85th percentile of the SAT or ACT and maintain a 3.7 or higher GPA.
  • Alex Adaway, Emma Advent, Aaron Bielecki, Maxwell Caiazza, Sara Cassady, Stephanie Conley, Xiao Consbruck, Thomas Crowe, Ian Davey, Nicholas David, Regina Demechko, Alex Dillon, Randy Do, Josh Fenn, Sam Fess, Audrey Fleming, Reed Forney, Ava Gordon, Sophia Grdina, Isabelle Hahn, Shane Hamm, Michael Johnson, Jacob Juvan, Reagan Keenan, Owen Kovalik, Alaina Lah, Celia Mattler Simon Monsour, Luke Monteleone, Gavin Morrison, Nate Nagucki, Zoe Petrucelli, Jonathan Popa, Madelyn Powell, Isabella Spina, Alex Stankard, Sophia Stephens, Trent Suckling, Allison Swiatkowski, Rebecca Vober, Natalie Vrobel, Dillon Walsh, Lauren Williams, Alex Wong, Grace Wyszynski and Kara Zaucha
President's Award of Educational Achievement: Students who do not meet all the criteria for the President's Award of Educational Excellence Award may be given this award at the discretion of the principal, but may not be given to more than 10 percent of the students meeting the academic requirements.
  • Michaella Cloonan, He (Henry) Du, Payton Gallant, Alex Givens, Clara Krohn, Jonathan Ruthenburg, Dylan Snyder and Josh Wright
The Archbishop Hoban High School Honor for Academic Excellence: Students must maintain a 3.8 GPA, score at the 98th percentile nationally on the SAT or ACT and attend Hoban for all four years.
  • Aaron Bielecki, Thomas Crowe, Josh Fenn, Sam Fess, Audrey Fleming, Isabelle Hahn, Jacob Juvan, Owen Kovalik, Alaina Lah, Luke Monteleone, Jonathan Popa, Alex Stankard, Lauren Williams, Alex Wong, and Grace Wyszynski