Clubs and Organizations

Student body in school gym bleachers with a quote from Blessed Basil Moreau. "It would be a serious mistake to open a school imagining that all students will be alike in character and conduct."

As Blessed Basil Moreau said, no two students are alike in character and conduct. While the classroom is our cornerstone, we recognize that true development takes a combination of academics, arts, athletics, faith and Christian service. By focusing on your individual talents and strengths, you will find an academic experience that is TRUE TO YOU.

Hoban welcomes all students to explore their individual interests with a wide array of cocurricular opportunities. Student clubs and organizations provide ways for students to get involved in the life of the school, and provide opportunities for leadership and practicing organizational and teamwork skills. Through these activities, students create lifelong memories and friends.

Academic Clubs and Organizations

Competitive Clubs

Language and Culture

Science and Nature

Two students compete at the Science Olympiad state competition

History Buffs

Three students dressed in Revolutionary War military uniforms


Students paint sewer drains to educate community about pollution.


Students inducted into the National Honor Society

Special Interest Clubs and Activities