Canned Food Drive

The longest running service-related Hoban tradition is the annual canned food drive. It aligns with an option for the poor, one of Hoban's Holy Cross core values.

November 8-19, 2021

Goal: The overall goal is to bring in 12,000 cans which is 3,000 cans per grade level and about 15 cans per student. 

How will cans be counted?

Bring your cans to your first period class on blue days or your fifth period class on gold days. Teachers will count cans and/or money ($1=2 cans) and submit the totals. 
Please note: If you are late or absent to first or fifth period, then your cans will not be added to the overall total. 

Key Food Items:

Students and Holy Cross Educators are highly encouraged to bring in the following items for the Canned Food Drive:
Boxes of short noodle pasta, Jars/Cans of pasta sauce (plastic NOT glass), Canned meat items (tuna, chicken, spam), Hearty soup cans, Boxes of crackers, Cereal, Mac and Cheese (No single serve easy mac containers please), Thanksgiving Food Items (boxed potatoes, stuffing mix, canned turkey, canned gravy, canned vegetables, corn bread mix, etc), Canned Fruit and Vegetables, Jars of Peanut Butter, Cash Donations ($1=2 cans)

Grade Level Winner - Because we will be collecting cans on both blue and gold days, there will not be a class period winner. All cans collected will go towards the grade level totals. The grade level that brings in the most cans overall will win a prize (to be announced!). 
Stay tuned for some pop-up incentives over the next two weeks as well!