Silence is Golden


Of all the Hoban traditions, one stands out from all the rest. Mum Day is an annual event with deep significance to all students, Holy Cross educators and alumni. Mum Day is celebrated on the day of the Hoban vs. Walsh Jesuit football game.


First organized by student council in 1962, Mum Day was created in order to save all energy for the pep rally at the end of the day and game time. The year of the inaugural Mum Day, the Knights beat the Irish (then St. Vincent) in an upset. Many believe it was the discipline of Mum Day that motivated the ’62 Hoban team, and the tradition continues today. Students refrain from speaking a word until the first cheer at the pep rally: "Give me an H!" 

The night before Mum Day seniors stay all night, sleeping when they can, to decorate the halls and gymnasium. On the morning of Mum Day, the seniors line the school driveway with their fingers to their lips to remind underclassmen of their daylong vow of silence. Every year the senior class carries on its commitment to organize and lead the school spirit for Mum Day.

Read a detailed history of the early days of the Mum Day tradition by T.J. Wolski '01.