Spirit Week

What NOT to Wear (ALL DAYS):

Leggings, yoga pants, biker shorts
sandals (without a back), slippers
tank tops, cropped shirts, flip flops
shorts/skirts (that do not pass fingertip test)
jeans with holes, rips, or frays

NOTE: If you are not participating in the theme, you MUST adhere to regular Hoban dress code guidelines. Hoban uniforms are approved to wear any day, with or without themed clothing.

Spiritwear Guidelines

MONDAY, Oct. 3

GroutFit: Wear your best groutfit (gray outfit)
  • gray sweatpants
  • gray sweatshirt
  • gray t-shirt
  • gray shoes
  • gray accessories
  • gray shorts/skirts (must pass fingertip test)
  • gray jeans (no blue jeans)


Adam Sandler: Wear your favorite Adam Sandler look!
Students can either dress up as characters from Adam Sandler Movies or recreate his signature look.

Here are a few ideas, but feel free to choose any of his movie characters!

  • Happy Gilmore (Happy Gilmore)
  • Boston Bruins or hockey apparel
  • blue jeans
  • Hubie Dubois (Hubie Halloween)
  • cargo shorts
  • yellow jacket
  • headlight headband, bike helmet
  • Billy Madison (Billy Madison)
  • sweater vest
  • baseball cap
  • “Frank” t-shirt

OR Adam Sandler Signature Look:

  • basketball shorts
  • baggy t-shirts
  • baseball caps, sunglasses, hats


Jersey vs. Referees: Wear your favorite sports team jersey or dress as a referee!
  • any sports team jersey (Students cannot wear current Hoban athletics jerseys. Jerseys must be worn with sleeves underneath and cannot be see-through.)
  • jeans, sweatpants
  • black and white striped shirt
  • black or white cap
  • whistle, flags
  • jeans, sweatpants


Twin Day: Match with your friend or coordinate a group costume!
  • anything school-appropriate and adhering to dress down guidelines - get creative!

FRIDAY, Oct. 7, Mum Day!

Extreme Blue and Gold Happy Mum Day! Show off your Hoban spirit in your best blue and gold attire!
  • Anything Hoban!
  • paint, accessories, glitter