Letter Painting

Each senior class is charged with repainting the hillside HOBAN letters on the last day of school. This tradition dates back to the Class of 1967, when the letters were installed. 

About the HOBAN letters

The year 1967 marked the days of an all-boys Archbishop Hoban High School with 37 Brothers of Holy Cross dressed in black cassocks cinctured at the waist with black tassled cords. One of the most visible projects of the Class of 1967 was the construction of the giant concrete word 'HOBAN' on the west hill. 

On Monday, Oct. 17, known as "Senior Dig Day," senior Terry Ruip with the assistance of senior class moderator Brother Robert Lavelle and maintenance director Brother Jerome Kroetsch worked with 27 seniors to lay out the HOBAN letters. They were designed by Ruip and are 27 feet high with a total cost of $213.