Student Advisory Program

 Hoban’s advisory program, called Round Table, is designed to strengthen the school community and reinforce three Holy Cross core values: family, inclusiveness and cultivation of the heart and mind.

Round Table Logo

As a result of the relationships formed through Round Table, every student has at least one adult in the building with whom they feel comfortable and connected and a network of peers who can provide social support. Hoban students meet for Round Table every week for 30 minutes. Directed by a staff or faculty member, students engage in group discussions and team-building activities to encourage community-building.

Hoban’s Round Table program is rooted in the strategic plan developed by the Hoban board of directors and key members of the school community. While it is based loosely on models used by other schools, it is designed to meet the unique needs of Hoban students.

Dr. Sweda and his Round Table group of seniors
Students playing a trivia game on an iPad