Current Students

At Hoban, our Holy Cross tradition emphasizes the development of minds and hearts. Students are encouraged to focus on a rigorous academic curriculum while fostering a development of their faith, leadership skills, conscience and devotion to service.
Regardless of one’s talents or interests, Hoban has an activity for every student, offering the opportunity to make lifelong memories, friendships and lasting contributions to the school.

Every Hoban Knight is educated to foster the Holy Cross core values: integrity, zeal, hope, discipline, inclusiveness, excellence, cultivation of the heart as well as the mind, a reliance on divine providence, and the creation of a family atmosphere with an option for the poor.

These core values are at the center of a Hoban education. These values provide the passion and balance that are necessary to become productive, yet compassionate citizens and to realize one’s unlimited potential.

At the heart, Hoban students are on a faith journey, who are self-directed and curious learners, devoted leaders and, most importantly, morally responsible individuals.

On this page, students can learn about the goings-on around the school, review our policies and receive other useful information related to student life.