Health and Fitness Center

The Didado Family Health and Fitness Center is comprised of 11,000 square feet of newly constructed space and the renovation of 9,000 square feet of existing areas.

The facility contains an athletic performance center, complete with 20 racks, free weights, speed and agility equipment, a turfed sprint area and a mezzanine workout area over the two strength coaches’ offices. There is a wrestling/multipurpose room and a separate wellness area with a variety of cardiovascular machines and free weights for students and staff.

Renovated space in the existing building includes locker rooms and coaches’ offices and the athletic office. There is an open hallway linking the existing building to the new facility, complete with large storage bins for athletic bags. The adjacent room is a rehabilitation/training room for examinations, taping and treatment. In addition, there is a coaches’ conference room for private meetings with the media and visits with college coaches on recruiting trips.