Dress Code Policy

Hoban Dress Code Policy

Pants and Shorts

  • No pants with prints or patterns of any kind
  • Patch pockets are acceptable as long as they are not black, white, blue or gray denim material.
  • Cargo shorts for boys and walking shorts for girls must be a solid color and pass the fingertip test.
  • No denim material allowed for shorts

Hoban Polo

  • Hoban polos must be purchased through the Hoban Store PRIME Business  or be an approved athletic or club polo.
  • Polos are to be worn at all times.
  • Long-sleeve T-shirts, sweatshirts and turtlenecks may be worn under the Hoban polo but must be a solid color and can have no visible writing or design.

Absolutely \o non-Hoban outerwear

  • Hoban sweatshirts, hoodies and quarter-zips bought through the Hoban Store, Lands' End, athletics, clubs or other student activities and approved by the administration may be worn over a Hoban polo.


  • Neatly trimmed mustaches above the lips are permitted.
  • Sideburns are not to be below the earlobe.
  • Beards of any kind are not permitted.
  • Students are to be clean-shaven.


  • Nose rings or facial piercings of any kind outside the ear are not permitted.
  • Girls: Earrings are limited to a maximum of three in each ear.
  • Boys: Earrings are not permitted. Band-aids may not cover nor clear plastic studs be used to disguise piercings.


  • Hair must be neat and clean at at al times.
  • Moderate, naturally occurring highlights are permitted and must occur throughout the hair.
  • Two-toned hairstyles and non-naturally occurring colors are not permitted.
  • Boys: Hair must be no longer than collar length.

Addressing the Hoban Dress Code Policy

  • Teacher or administrator will notify the student of the dress code violation.
  • Teacher or administrator will give the student one half pf the dress code infraction documentation.
  • Teacher or administrator will place the other half of the dress code documentation in the dean's mailbox.
  • Not wearing a Hoban polo: Write the student a dress code violation slip and send the student to the central office to retrieve a polo.
  • Wearing non-Hoban outerwear or a boy wearing earrings. Ask the student to remove the outerwear or earrings and give it to you. Write the student a dress code violation slip. Bring the other half of the slip and the non-Hoban outerwear or earrings to the central office by the end of the school day. Do not give it back to the student.
  • Patch-pocket pants: Write the student a dress code violation slip. If it is the second offense, send the student to the central office. 
  • Shaving: Write the student an office detention slip and sent the student to the central office to shave immediately or with five minutes remaining in class.