Other Policies


At the sound of the tone, the teacher takes attendance. Attendance must be taken every period. Students not in the room at the tone are tardy. Students who arrive more than five minutes late without a pass are to be sent to the central office, and the teacher is to follow up with an email to the dean of students.

Book bags in classrooms or hallways

Students are not permitted to carry their book bags to class or leave them outside the classroom door in the hallway. If a student  brings a book bag to class, the teacher is to confiscate it. Students may retrieve the contents of the book bag. A teacher detention is to be issued for a book bag infraction. Drawstring bags and small purses are acceptable.

Cell phones

The cell phone policy is not an individual policy left to the discretion of the teacher. Students are not permitted to have or use their cell phones except in the cafeteria during their lunch periods. If a student is in violation, the teacher should ask for the phone from the student and place it in the dean's mailbox in the central office with a note.


If a student informs the teacher that he or she is not feeling well, the student is to be sent to the clinic. Students must have a note from the teacher in order to be admitted to the clinic. It is highly recommended that the teacher does not send a student to the clinic during the last five minutes of the class period. 

Restroom privileges

The restroom/water fountain policy is at the discretion of each teacher. If the teacher allows a student to use the restroom, the time the student is in the restroom should be limited to no more than five minutes.

Sending students to tutors or other teachers

Like the clinic policy, teachers should not send a student to see the tutor or another teacher without providing a note. This will ensure the student has had a conversation with the teacher regarding the request.

Student loses his or her cool

The teacher should ask the student to step into the hall to cool down. After a minute or two. the teacher should step into the hall to have a short conversation with the student. If this does not resolve the issue, the teacher should send the student to the dean's office. If a teacher dismisses a student from class, the teacher must call a parent and follow up regarding the issue.

Study hall responsibilities

Students are to be seated, quiet and attentive to their work. Unless a student has a pass to leave, all students are to be on time and remain in the study hall room. Cell phones are not permitted during study hall. Allowing students to study in pairs or in small groups is at the discretion of the teacher.

Honor code violation

  1. Teacher discovers an honor code infraction.
  2. Teacher discusses the infraction with the student.
  3. Student will typically receive a grade of zero for the assignment, quiz or test.
  4. Dean will notify parents, first violation by email, second violation by phone.
  5. Dean will document the violation in Power School
  6. Second violation will result in an academic contract.
  7. Third violation will result in the student and parents appearing before academic review board.

Teacher detentions

A teacher detention is issued by a classroom teacher for one of the following:

  • Disrespect
  • Food or drink violation
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Cell phone or iPad issue
  • Insubordination
  • A third tardy to class
  • Other violations of classroom rules

A teacher detention is a 15- to 30-minute detention served by the student with the teacher within one week of the date issued. If a student fails to serve the detention with the teacher within one week, the teacher must notify the dean, who will call home and issue two office detentions.

  • First violation: Teacher issues a teacher detention.
  • Second violation: Teacher issues a teacher detention and notifies parents via email or phone.
  • Third violation: Teacher notifies the dean of students.