Student Services Schedules

Each student has an assigned school and college counselor to assist in their academic journey and personal growth throughout their four years at Hoban.

 Name         Kind           Grades         Student Names  
 Ms. Kate Ribovich               School Counselor                9-12 A-G
 Mrs. Molly Doenges  School Counselor           9-12 H-N
 Mr. Kevin Hillery  College Counselor          11-12 A-K
 Mrs. Katie Surface  School Counselor           9-12 O-Z
 Ms. Elaine Reichart  College Counselor          11-12 L-Z
 Ms. Heidi Maltempi  School Counselor          9-12  


Name Title Grades Alpha  Hours  M   T  W  T 
 Ms. Kate Ribovich  School Counselor 9-12 A-G  7:40 to 3:15 X X X X X
 Mrs. Molly Doenges  School Counselor 9-12 H-N  7:30-3:30 X X X X X
 Mr. Kevin Hillery  College Counselor 11-12 A-K  7:40 to 4 X X X X X
 Mrs. Katie Surface  School Counselor 9-12 O-Z  7:40 to 3:15 X X X X X
 Ms. Elaine Reichart  College Counselor 11-12 L-Z  7 to 3:20 X   X X  
 Mrs. Heidi Maltempi  School Counselor  9-12    M,Th 7:30-3:30     
 T,W 7:30-2:30
X X X X  
 Elizabeth Hawanczak    Psychologist  M, W, F 8 to 2 X   X   X
 Ms. Carrie Marecek  School Nurse  8 to 2:30   X      
 Ms. Lori Yokum  Health Aide  9 to 2 X   X X X
 Mrs. Mary Hart  Student Services Office Manager    7:30 to 3:30 X X X X X
 Mrs. Jo Gallo  Auxiliary Services Clerk  8 to 2:30 X X X X