Campus Ministry

The office of campus ministry provides faith formation and support to students of all religious backgrounds as a way to truly experience their faith beyond the classroom setting.

Campus ministry is responsible for planning and directing all liturgies, prayer services, retreats, service projects and the Christian service program. Students participate through the ministry of Holy Communion at Mass, in international immersion experiences, on retreat teams and other service activities, including Project HOPE and the canned food drive.

Hoban's campus minister is Mrs. Kelsey Sees '07,

Spiritual Engagement Schedule

The Religious Studies Department has organized a schoolwide spiritual engagement program. Spiritual engagement credit will not be given to students who arrive late.  

“It is God’s hand which has guided everything and it is God whom we must thank above all.”

–Basil Moreau

Spritual Engagement Options

Prayer Experience Day Time Location
Adoration Mondays 7:30 a.m. Holy Cross Chapel
Rosary Tuesdays 7:30 a.m. Holy Cross Chapel


Guided Meditation

Tuesdays: Sophomores

Wednesdays: Juniors

Thursdays: Seniors


3-3:20 p.m.


Holy Cross Chapel

Mass* Wednesdays and Fridays 7:20-7:45 a.m. Holy Cross Chapel

Scripture Journaling

(You must pack your lunch)

During Lunch

P4-Rm 220 (Kappel)
P5-Rm 220 (Sees)
P6-Rm 223 (Bulgrin)
P8-Rm 223 (DuBroy)

Holy Cross Conference

Hoban is one of nine Holy Cross high schools from the East Coast and Midwest to participate in the Holy Cross Conference for Student Leaders at Holy Cross College, Notre Dame, Ind.

Recognized as having leadership potential, the students are encouraged to build a community that goes beyond their schools and learn what it means to be Holy Cross leaders. At the conference, this is done through team-building activities, sharing school traditions, sightseeing, socializing and prayer.

Throughout the conference, emphasis is placed on Blessed Basil Moreau’s vision of Holy Cross education. By visiting the University of Notre Dame, the site where the first Holy Cross brothers, sisters and priests laid the foundation for Holy Cross education in the United States, students gain a greater appreciation for the sacrifices made by the early pioneers in Holy Cross. Meeting and talking with Holy Cross brothers and Sisters of the Holy Cross proves to be a highlight of the conference.

Another important aspect is gaining an appreciation of the traditions and activities of each school. From the time they arrive on campus at Holy Cross College, students quickly recognize through symbols, statues, plaques and signs that they are at a Holy Cross institution. Students from each school share their best practices and traditions that make their school unique, and are able to take away valuable ideas to implement during the coming year.

Building a strong sense of Holy Cross community is another goal of the conference. Whether enjoying an ice cream cone, bowling and go-kart racing, praying together at Notre Dame’s Lourdes grotto or sharing in the talent show, students quickly make friends and find it difficult to say goodbye when the weekend comes to a close.

Participating Holy Cross Schools

School City State Province
Archbishop Hoban High School Akron Ohio Midwest
Bishop McNamara High School Forestville Maryland Moreau
Cathedral High School Indianapolis Indiana Midwest
Gilmour Academy Gates Mills Ohio Midwest
Holy Cross High School Waterbury Connecticut Moreau
Holy Trinity High School Chicago Illinois Midwest
Notre Dame College Prep Niles Illinois Midwest
Notre Dame High School West Haven Connecticut Moreau
St. Edward High School Lakewood Ohio Midwest

First Friday Club

Founded in 1999, the purpose of the First Friday Club of Greater Akron is to bring the best Catholic thinkers, teachers and leaders to Akron on a monthly basis to promote a better understanding of the significant issues impacting church, family, work and community life.

The luncheon series at the Tangier Restaurant consistently draws an average of 250 to 300 people from Summit County and the surrounding area. All interested in the topics are invited to attend. Selected Hoban students attend regularly.  A table is sponsored by the Hoban Alumni Association. Learn more about the First Friday Club.