The campus ministry office provides opportunities for students to travel to various places in the world to immerse themselves in the local culture while engaging in Christian service with the people.

A group of 10 Hoban students and chaperones visited La Luz parish, sister parish of Holy Cross (Santa Cruz) in Monterrey, Mexico in February 2023. Students spent a week working with the parish churches of Monterrey, attending Mass each evening at a different one, following Padre Pedro Carreño, Padre Armando and Padre Marín. Students delivered non-perishable foods and met with parishioners who could not travel to the church. The students prepared a party for the children in Las Sabanitas and spent time with teens of La Luz parish. They learned a lot about the different programs offered by the churches, such as medical services, bible study. They toured Monterrey and were invited to the home of the Vargas family where students enjoyed a home cooked ‘fiesta’ complete with decorations and a near life sized piñata. Each evening the group had time to reflect on the day’s events with Padre Pedro, using their Spanish skills to communicate and learn about the people and the community.

The people of Monterrey, Mexico have each other and their faith...not much else. Yet, during our visit, they would have given the clothes off their backs to make us feel more comfortable in their homes. I cannot wait to go back and see them again, and I am thankful for this experience. 

—Mateo DeCola ’25, Immersion trip to La Luz Parish, the sister parish of Holy Cross



Easter break is an exciting time for students. Some head for the beach, others relax with family and friends. But some Hoban students elect to depart from conventional Easter break activities and engage in Christian service. Alternative Easter break trips challenge students to think critically and respond to problems faced by members of the communities they serve. Being immersed in diverse environments enables participants to experience, discuss and understand social issues in a significant way.