Campus ministry and the religious studies department offer retreat programs for all four grade-levels. The retreats offer a chance for students to come away from the stress and hassles of the adolescent world. Prayer, community and fun are blended throughout the day for a lively spirtual experience.  

In addition to the required annual class retreats, several optional retreats are available. These include Spes Unica retreats, held three times each school year, and the annual Holy Cross Leadership Conference. 

Spes Unica made a huge impact on me spiritually. I built great relationships with so many people who I would never have reached out to before this retreat.

- Ryan Henry ’19

No matter where you are in your faith, whether you are Catholic or another faith, Spes Unica offers all students the opportunity to enrich their personal faith lives, while also offering time to listen to others' beliefs as well.

- Evelyn Thoman ’20

Spes Unica is all about learning more about each other and yourself, and helping each other through the weekend into the rest of our lives.

- Robert Bordenkircher ’20