Establishing An Endowed Scholarship Fund

The HOBAN TRUST FUND manages and oversees the funds invested in the Archbishop Hoban High School Endowment. The Hoban Trust Fund exists to provide funding for the school in perpetuity. Each year, a portion is distributed to the school’s annual operating budget to cover tuition assistance needs, as well as restricted endowment allocations.

Creating an endowed scholarship to Hoban is a very meaningful way to honor or memorialize a loved one,  family member, or someone you hold dear. A scholarship is a lasting tribute and a powerful testimonial to your belief in the value of Catholic education in the Holy Cross tradition. Scholarships at Archbishop Hoban are endowed at the $10,000 level before distributions can be made.

The Advancement Office works with each donor to craft language specific their philanthropic goals while ensuring their intentions are followed. Hoban’s endowments provide an opportunity to assist current and future generations of students. At the same time, it enables donors to recognize significant individuals – such as alumni, family members, classmates, or faculty - who have lived their lives in the Holy Cross tradition.

The Hoban Trust Fund FAQ

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An endowment supports initiatives not for just one year, or even one generation, but in perpetuity, with a portion of the endowment’s value used annually as the donor specifies or as the Hoban Board of Directors chooses based upon the priorities of the school.

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