Parents and Families

More than anything else, people make the difference. At Hoban, the people—including the students, educators, alumni and parents—make our school the welcoming, wonderful place it is. There is a feeling of family as soon as you walk in the doors. 

As the school community welcomes each new generation of students, Hoban’s family ties remain as strong as ever. As Blessed Basil Moreau modeled his religious community on the Holy Family, the bond of love and respect among the Hoban family thrives.

We welcome all parents and families to visit Hoban, be in contact with teachers and administrators and stay connected to other families. Weekly emails are sent to all current parents to keep you informed about what is happening the following week. Be sure to update your contact information. Parents are also encouraged to join the Hoban Parents Club group on Facebook. 

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Hoban’s special culture and environment, based on the core values of the Congregation of Holy Cross, is one in which students feel genuinely welcome and safe to be true to themselves—to become the people God calls them to be.

But don't take our word for it. Listen to what current and past parents say about Hoban and their experience. 

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