Meet the Teachers Night/Conferences

Each year, the Parents Club sponsors Meet the Teachers Night. The evening starts at 7 in Barry Gym with a brief presentation. Then parents follow their students' schedules through the evening. Classes are eight minutes long, and the tone sounds at the end, not the beginning, of class. Study halls do not meet.

Students are asked to complete a SCHEDULE FORM for their parents' use at Meet the Teachers Night. Students are also urged to help parents with all necessary information for their visit, including general directions to room locations. 

It is not meant to be a parent-teacher conference, so teachers are unable to get into a discussion with parents about a particular child. If necessary, parents could make an appointment to talk to the teacher in more detail later.

Close cooperation and ongoing communication between home and school are essential to excellence in education. Parents have a great responsibility for the education of their students. The faculty and staff recognize this important role and rely on parental support to ensure that students receive the full benefit of the quality education offered at Hoban.

Attendance at Meet the Teachers Night allows parents a chance to learn about each teacher’s plans and objectives for the year, to ask questions and to meet the faculty, the administration and new friends.