Virtual Reverse Raffle

We hope you can join us for our annual Reverse Raffle on Saturday, Feb. 12, 6 – 11 p.m. The Reverse Raffle is a Hoban tradition and supports providing students and families with tuition assistance. Register now for a chance to win the $5,000 grand prize. All adults age 21 and over are welcome.

* According to the IRS raffle regulations, taxes will be withheld on the cash prize of $5,000 and reported to the IRS. More info can be found HERE. *

SATURDAY, FEB. 12, 6 - 11 P.M.

Guy's Party Center (500 E Waterloo Rd, Akron, OH 44319)


$5,000 main prize | $150/ticket | 200 Raffle numbers sold


Reverse Raffle Rules

Only 200 raffle numbers will be available to win the $5,000 grand prize.

  1. In this raffle, you will win the prize listed in the Prize List. There is NO OPTION on these drawings. The winner must take the indicated prize.
  2. Numbers will be drawn until only five remain in the barrel. The five number owners will come forward and may choose to split the prize or continue to draw. One negative vote will cause the draw to continue until the last number or remaining number owners choose to split. If the owner of a “live” number is not in attendance, the remaining number owners decide whether to continue to draw.
  3. Sideboards work in conjunction with the mainboard.
  4. Winners NEED NOT be present to claim their prize.
  5. There will be NO bartering at this event.

Why support Hoban’s Reverse Raffle?

We are back together to continue the Hoban tradition of having fun while supporting the school we love most!

Each ticket purchased provides the following:
•    A 1 in 200 chance at the $5,000 Grand Prize
•    A chance at other cash prizes 
•    A great way to support Archbishop Hoban High School!
Hoban is committed to providing financial assistance, ensuring all qualified students the opportunity to receive a Holy Cross education. Nearly 80% of Hoban students receive some sort of financial assistance. 

For the 2020-21 school year, Hoban awarded more than $2.6 million to students in the form of grants, merit and need-based endowed scholarships, and need-based tuition assistance, including the EdChoice Scholarships. 

If you have any questions or prefer to give your information by phone, please call or email the Advancement Office at 330.773.8620.

1 $100
25 $100
50 $100
75 $100
100 $100
125 $100
150 $100
175 $100
180 $100
185 $100
190 $100
195 $200

Group at the Reverse Raffle
Couple at the Reverse Raffle
Group at the Reverse Raffle
Group at the Reverse Raffle
Group at the Reverse Raffle
Group at the Reverse Raffle
Volunteers at the Reverse Raffle
Group at the Reverse Raffle
Group at the Reverse Raffle